Come on, is there anything better than camping with your family. No, I'm not a tent girl, I'm a cabin girl or some kind of glam and I would prefer a bathroom in my cabin.

But, it's the campfire, the nights of relaxation while we are there. Every summer we try to go camping once a year. When family and friends can join us, it's an amazing time. And, I'm always hoping someone will bring a guitar and serenade me.

Summer will be here before we know it. Lots of us are always searching for an enjoyable and possibly budget family activities for everybody to have fun.

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We have some of the finest camping destinations on the east coast. According to, there is one of the best camping destinations in the northeast right here in New Jersey.

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If you've never checked out different campgrounds in the Garden State you're missing out. I love the ones close to the beach, but we have a lot of good ones in this state.

What New Jersey campground is one of the best in the Northeast Region?

It's the Brendan Byrne State Forest, located in Woodland. It is one of the top camping destinations in the Northeast and in the top 10 of the 10 best places to camp.

Good news, I would camp here they have tent spots and cabins. Brendan Byrne State Forest is within New Jersey's Pine Barrens region. There are many fun activities for the whole family. From fishing, hiking, bike trails, boating in nearby lakes, etc. Click here for more information on camping and reservations at Brendan Byrne State Forest.

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