We asked you a question a week ago.

I'd say it was a simple question, but it wasn't, because the choices were all excellent.

You responded to the tune of well over 1,000 votes, and a winner has emerged.

According to your votes, here are the results:

Ocean County Candy Shop Votes
Ocean County Candy Shop Votes

That's right, Ocean County institution The Berkeley Sweet Shop, which will be celebrating its 70th birthday next year, took the honor!

Second place honors go to Toms River's Hanna Krause Candy, and boardwalk mainstay Lucky Leo's Sweet Shop rounds out the top 3.

I have to thank all of our awesome local candy stores who jumped in and shared the poll. It not only goes to show the great choices that we have right here in our own backyard, but also the incredible pride that they rightfully take in their products!

Did your favorite win? If not, maybe we'll have a rematch, stay tuned!


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