January 26th is National Spouses Day so I'm using this blog to honor all of the great husbands and wives in Ocean County.  Similar to Valentine's Day, sometimes it helps to have a special day to show appreciation to the one you love.

Did you ever hear of the book The 5 Love Languages?  It explains why couples often argue and feel disconnected from one another.  The author shares numerous examples of how couples drive each other mad because they're not being spoken to in the right love language.  For example: a wife whose love language is "Acts of Service" may feel special when her husband washes her car or runs an errand for her.  But the guy's love language may be "Receiving Gifts" so he's likely to buy her presents to show he cares.

All of those acts are beautiful expressions of love but the author claims the better expressions are those that align with the receiver's love language.  Does that make sense?  Those whose language is "Physical Touch" would prefer a hug over something a "Words of Affirmation" person would find meaningful.  And to someone who values "Quality Time," all the gifts in the world won't make things right if her partner is never around.

National Spouse's Day could be a good time to find out what YOUR love language is.  You could ask your partner to take the quiz as well.   http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/

Feel free to use the Comments section to write something that you love about your husband or wife.

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