I'm not really a sports fan but I'm a big fan of love and romance!  Did  you see what happened last night after Houston clinched the World Series?  Carlos Correa of the Astros was doing a live TV interview when he turned to his girlfriend, pulled out a ring, and proposed.  She accepted and they kissed in front an enormous audience, in person as well as on television.

Thankfully this proposal went really well.  It's all over the internet today!  But public proposals come with some risk.  I remember walking near Philly's famous LOVE sculpture when a guy got on his knee and proposed.  The woman appeared to get very upset and walked away.  Uh, I think the answer was going to be, "No," or maybe "I'm not ready yet."  There was a big crowd of tourists around so they both must have felt really awkward.

But back to the happy love stories.  Was your marriage proposal done in public?  If so, please share details!  Did everyone applaud afterwards?  Did strangers buy you drinks?  Are you glad you got engaged that way?

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