I had a really nice dinner with an old friend from out of town.  He introduced me to his girlfriend and the three of us enjoyed a fabulous meal, stimulating conversation and a lot of laughs.  This old friend is actually my ex-husband.

In the days that followed I told various pals about my reunion with Jim and how nice it was to meet his significant other.  Some people gave me a bit of grief about the outing.  As if I were breaking some rule of divorce.

I was actually proud of the way we got through our split in the 90s.  It was quite amicable and we've stayed in touch over the years.  Why couldn't we get together for dinner when business brought him to this neck of the woods?

If this were a recent breakup, I probably wouldn't have been so keen to meet the new woman in his life.  But more than 20 years have passed since we split.  There's no jealousy to get in the way of our enjoying each other's company.  Our marriage ended decades ago but I'm happy that a friendship remains.

Are you still in touch with your ex-spouse/partner?  Would you say you're on friendly terms?  


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