Until recently, I hadn't been to a wedding in many years.  Apparently times have really changed!  I saw some really nice "new" things that I quite like!  They were touches that added some personality and fun to the big day.  Here are some features of the two weddings I recently attended:

Signage:  At the church entrance, I loved the big sign that said "Pick a Seat, Not a Side.  We're all family once the knot is tied."  At the reception, the Ladies and Men signs were covered with photos of the bride and groom as kids.  Cute.

Food:  My cousin encouraged me to visit the mashed potato sundae bar and I'm glad I did.  Like an ice cream sundae, I filled a bowl with sweet potatoes, regular mashed potatoes and then added just the right amount of cheese, bacon bits, and chives.  And then after dinner, there was a place to make S'mores outside.  Near the firepit was a table with all the supplies necessary; long sticks, marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers.  And of course, napkins.

Photo booth; These are becoming more popular and I think they're a great way to get an instant memento of a happy occasion.  I don't see my cousins often, so it's nice to snap some pics when we get together.

Table cards:  Center pieces had writing which told guests a bit about the couple's history.   My table let me know that the couple enjoyed visiting Philadelphia and that the groom is quite a history buff so he was a great tour guide.  And for someone who loves to dance, check out the nice card in the photo.  It's meant to let the servers know you'll be returning to finish your drink.

And now apparently every couple has a hashtag made up of some clever combination of both names.  The hashtag helps everyone share in the celebration via social media.

I've also heard about couples getting Food trucks for their cocktail hour or as a post-wedding treat.  What a neat idea?

What are some "newish" features you've seen at weddings you've been to recently?

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