The Rules of Garbage in New Jersey

I don't think it's shocking that there are "rules of garbage". Not just here in New Jersey, but around the nation. We need to have some guidelines otherwise all kinds of weird things end up in our garbage. Things that could be harmful to our health, etc. There are fines for illegal "dumping" of trash so this is no joke.


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3 Things You Cannot Throw In The Garbage In New Jersey!

There are more items on the "do not throw these in the garbage list" but I wanted to highlight 3 odd items that you might have never considered tossing in the "can". Check with your municipality to see what "rules" they have when it comes to trash.






Ok, all three seem to be items you might not toss in the "can". Obviously, you wouldn't throw your old propane tanks in the trash, but never "assume" right? Contact your local public works department about recycling your tank. When it comes to lightbulbs, some contain trace amounts of mercury, take burnt-out bulbs to a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility near you. Finally your old smoke detectors, what do we do with them? Contact the manufacturer and/or your town to see what is best.


So there are just 3 items that should not go in the "can". It may seem redundant, but if in doubt reach out. Call your town for the "rules of garbage". It helps us all to simply know where things go and not just chuck them in the "can".


Garbage Rules


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