Ocean County Gets Called Out In Ashley Madison Scandal
While we could debate all day long about whether the data coming to light in the aftermath of the Ashley Madison hack is fair game for making public or not, there are an awful lot of men around the world who are in panic mode right now. And, according to new data, a lot of them could be right here i…
Is the Fix in on Beauty Pageants? [Poll]
We have learned over the years that you don't mess publicly with The Donald. Mr. Trump isn't afraid to respond, many times in no uncertain terms, to criticism. That being said, one of the Miss USA contestants from this past weekend is taking the organization (which is owned by Trump) to ta…
Is a Mega Millions Scandal Brewing? [Poll]
Did we call it, or what? Just last week we talked about going in on the office pool when the lotto jackpots get big. As we know by now, three winning tickets were sold for the record $640 million drawing on Friday. But now the plot thickens.