Did we call it, or what? Just last week we talked about going in on the office pool when the lotto jackpots get big. As we know by now, three winning tickets were sold for the record $640 million drawing on Friday. But now the plot thickens.

The winning tickets were sold in Illinois, Kentucky, and Maryland. A woman in Maryland is claiming that she is holding the multi-million dollar piece of paper. But here is where things get interesting. She admits that she was part of an office pool which she bought the tickets for, but claims that the winning ticket was bought with her own money, not the pool's money. Of course, her co-workers are taking issue with her story. It gets even more interesting due to the fact that she hasn't actually produced the lucky ticket yet, so there's even question as to whether she is in fact in possession of one of the winners.

As I mentioned the other day, we had an office pool going here at the WOBM offices, and our fearless leader, Kevin Williams, did a smart thing - he photocopied all the tickets that were bought with the group money and posted them for everyone to take a look at or make copies of their own. Seems like a pretty simple way to avoid any controversy, don't you think?

As of last week's post, nearly 74% of you said that you'd go in on an office pool. If you haven't gotten a chance to vote yet, feel free to do so below, and go ahead and leave a comment and let us know what you think should happen in a situation like this!