We have learned over the years that you don't mess publicly with The Donald. Mr. Trump isn't afraid to respond, many times in no uncertain terms, to criticism. That being said, one of the Miss USA contestants from this past weekend is taking the organization (which is owned by Trump) to task.

Miss Pennsylvania USA, Sheena Monnin, is accusing the pageant of fixing the results before the show even took place. She claims that she was told by another contestant that there was a list of the top 5, in order, before the show even began. In response, she has resigned her title and released a statement on her Facebook page calling out the organizers.

Would you expect Donald Trump to not respond?

The mogul has fired back, calling Monnin's statement, "...loser's remorse. If you look at her… you understand why she's not in the Top 15."


(Yes, ever the class act, Donald Trump just basically called a 27 year old woman a "loser" and ugly)

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