As we were among the first to report late Tuesday night, an unexpected scandal hit American Idol. If you avoided the spoilers in advance, you certainly know by now that the subject of the kerfuffle was "The Gentle Giant", Jermaine Jones. And it was all shown on last night's broadcast.

Apparently, Jones has some outstanding warrants and past legal troubles that he didn't disclose to producers ahead of time. You can read the whole story here. But here's what I'm wondering, was it fair for Idol producers to put Jermaine on the spot like that and broadcast it to millions?

If you didn't see it go down last night, I'm only posting the video so you can see for yourself and form an opinion on whether it was handled well or not.



It's an awkward 3 and 1/2 minutes as we watch Jermaine squirm when confronted by the producers with the specifics of the information that they unearthed before officially dismissing him from the show.

While the information given suggests that the producers had no choice in letting Jermaine go, was it fair for American Idol to show this on TV? Vote in the poll below and feel free to leave your comments.