Hurricane Sandy

What Do You See When You Look At This Picture?
In the last couple of months we have seen such sad pictures of the destruction of Super Storm Sandy here in Ocean County and up and down the Jersey Shore.  This beautiful picture is from Seaside Heights and every time I look at pictures I see this one in the mix and love it.
Superstorm Housing Rental Fair Saturday in Toms River
Families who have depended on hotel space since losing their homes in Superstorm Sandy face a May 1 checkout and it looks like this time there'll be no extension. Finding rental space isn't easy. But it might become more so tomorrow at Toms River Intermediate East.
Watch The Miracle of Route 35 [Video]
If this video doesn't give you goosebumps, nothing will. As we all remember too well, Route 35 in Mantoloking was completely and utterly destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Take a look at this incredibly moving video of what it took to get the roadway back up and running.
Have Your Allergies Started Yet?
Over the last two weeks or so, I'd say that I've definitely started feeling the tell tale signs of allergy season - sneezing, an itch in the back of the throat, itchy eyes, etc. According to experts, that's just the start of what's going to be a heavy allergy season.

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