What an unbelievable children's book about Hurricane Sandy / Super Storm Sandy where proceeds benefit Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. The Horrible, Horrible Hurricane is a great story about a vacation to the Jersey Shore and what happens when a hurricane comes to the shore which can be purchased via Amazon.

Horrible, Horribe Hurricane (Horrible, Horribe Hurricane)

Here's how author Dee Shockley describes her book.

My family and I have spent many summers at the Jersey Shore.  When Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast in 2012 and destroyed so many places that we loved, we wanted to do something to help.  We decided to write and sell a story about how much we loved the Jersey Shore and to donate the proceeds to help rebuild it. This family project taught the girls that even they can help and make a difference by sharing their story.


Listen to our interview with Dee about her book "Horrible, Horrible Hurricane"