Where were you 6 months ago? At this point of the afternoon, many of us were preparing, wondering and anxious.

I was packing up a few days worth of stuff and my dog, ready to bunk down at the office for who knows how long. I vividly remember, as the afternoon wore into evening, the rain and winds really picked up. I still remember the eerily haunting sound of the wind whipping through the antenna structure outside of the radio station.

We tried to keep information going out as we got it, but of course many people were disconnected - no power and no cell phone reception. Those who did have phones called us to tell us what they were experiencing where they were.

The next morning, we knew that it was bad, but nobody yet had a sense of exactly how bad.

And then the pictures started coming in.

The stories of miracles started coming in.

And the stories of loss, heartbreak, and destruction started beaming around the world.

In the span of six months, we have seen communities come together in unprecedented ways, we've seen generosity from around the world, and we've seen true signs of recovery that seemed impossible on October 29th, 2012.

There's still a lot of work to do, but as we're only weeks away from Memorial Day, personally, I think that this will be a summer unlike any we've seen. I think that we'll see people come to support Ocean County and the Jersey shore in droves.

The boardwalks are rebuilding, businesses are reopening, and people are making their summer plans.

This year, there are no "Bennys", just people helping us Restore the Shore.

What are your reflections six months after Sandy? Tell us in the comments section.