It was 6 months ago..October 29th, 2012 that Super Storm Sandy clobbered us here in New Jersey.  It was a night where neighbors were with neighbors, families were all together in one house and a time when we all came together to help each other out.  It was definetely a scary 24 hours.

I know you probably say, "Sue, why relive it", but unfortunately it's something we have to deal with here as New Jersians for a long time.  Everytime we go over to our beloved Seaside and see that roller coaster and the boards, we see it.  As you drive up and down 35 through Ocean County on the Island you can see the destruction, still after all this time, we see it.  But the reason for this blog is to remind us all--including me...people still need our help.  It's tough for me personally to see, but for the people still going through this and not back into their houses...know that we are still here for you.  We did not forget.

If you are still in need of ANY kind of assistance, please contact our friends at Hometown Heroes.  They will do their best to accomidate you with what you need.

Memorial Day is only 4 weeks away...the official start of the Summer crowds here at the Shore.  Will the boardwalk be ready?  What do you think?