Brick Township NJ

Encouraging Others with New Book
A Brick Township resident, who continues to overcome the obstacles of living with a disability, is the author of a new book.  She self-published the book, with the hope of encouraging others dealing with physical and mental challenges.
In the book "Here I Am", Jennifer Beilis tells her own …
More Details about Brick’s Red Light Camera Program Demise
Brick Township Officials said they were in the process of shutting down its red light camera pilot program even prior to the bribery implications about program that hit the news media last week. However, making up for an estimated $640,000 annually in lost revenue is no easy feat.
Stabbing at My Family Auto Care in Brick
Brick Police are investigating a stabbing incident at My Family Auto Care on Route 88. 54-year-old township resident Steven Kalinich was arrested after being subdued by the stabbing victim late Tuesday afternoon.

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