Brick police are asking for help in the investigation of a hit-and-run crash in Brick Township that triggered a deadly 13-vehicle chain reaction accident on Beaver Dam Bridge earlier this month. A pedestrian, who was struck twice was pronounced dead at the scene.

Brick Township Police said the initial crash that triggered the multi-vehicle accident involved a blue Hyundai Elantra that lost control and struck the Beaver Dam Bridge while traveling southbound and left the scene.

Officials said that event set in motion a series of crashes that involved a Nissan Altima driven by Margaret E. Brady of Point Pleasant, who rear-ended a Honda Civic operated by Ruth Alcantara of Lakewood.

Brady and her two passengers, Margaret Bridget Brady and Brian Joseph Harper, along with Alcantara, exited their vehicles following the accident but that's when Cadillac SRX operated by Joseph Giles of Brick approached the scene, slows down and attempts to maneuver slowly around the existing crash. However, a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe operated by Michael Comune of Brick approached the bridge and struck Brady's parked vehicle and also Gile's Cadillac.

Police said soon after, a Subaru Outback Sport operated by Andrew Walsh of Brick approached the bridge and also struck Brady's parked vehicle, which also hit Margaret Brady, who was outside of her vehicle following the initial accident and pinned her under his vehicle. Walsh also ran into Comune's vehicle.

A Subaru Forrester operated by Deborah Hobbs of Point Pleasant approached the scene and struck Walsh's and Comune's parked-and-unoccupied vehicles. Then a Chevy Colorado Pickup operated by Matthew Miller of Brick in turn rear ended Hobb's Forrester and struck Michael Comune who was standing outside of his vehicle.

Unable to slow down in time, a Volvo V50 operated by Oliver Weise of Point Pleasant veered to the left, hit the east side of the bridge before hitting Comune again. Then a Toyota Tacoma Pickup driver, Brad Barrows approached the Beaver Dam Bridge and hit Miller's Chevy Pickup, forcing it into Hobbs and Walsh's vehicles.

Then a Honda Civic operated by Griffin Baldino of Point Pleasant entered the span, noticed all the collisions and veered to the left, narrowly missing striking Comune a third time, however, it did strike Comune's parked unoccupied vehicle.

Then a Hyundai Elantra operated by Shannon Bonafide of Point Pleasant approached the scene and hit Barrow's vehicle, forcing it into Miller's vehicle, which in turn struck Hobb's vehicle. Then a Jeep Liberty operated Elizabeth Carone approaches and strikes both Miller's and Barrow's vehicles.

Margaret E. Brady died in the crash.

Brick Township Police are requesting that the driver of the blue Hyundai Elantra who left the scene during the initial accident to contact traffic safety officers at 732-262-1140.

Officer Scott Dierking, Sergeant David Bedrosian and Officer Jay Lampiasi of the Brick Township Traffic Safety Unit are continuing their crash investigation.