In just the last day or two, I feel like I'm seeing more evidence of "the holiday spirit" than ever before.

The first incident that came to my attention was when a friend posted on Facebook yesterday that, while waiting in line at Starbucks, a person slid into line in front of them. At first, they were irritated that someone had skipped the line, but the line skipper had a different goal - she paid for my friend's order and left.

Just a simple example of one person doing something nice for another.

Just a few minutes ago, a different friend sent me a text message to tell me about her experience that had just happened - she was out for lunch with a friend in Ocean County when a stranger picked up their $30 meal check.

Again, a total stranger doing something nice for a total stranger.

In my friend's text, she said how excited she was that someone did something so random and kind, and that she wanted to figure out a way to "pay it forward".

Have you seen evidence of people embracing the holiday spirit this year with kind actions? Tell us about it in the comments!