Peace Day: Internationally and in Ocean County Communities
September 21st is known as International Peace Day.  The United Nations calls upon all of us to engage in education and awareness on issues related to peace.  Is your child's school doing something to mark the occasion?  Maybe the kids involved you in a homework assignment about …
Are We “Kind” in Ocean County?
This week is "Random Acts of Kindness Week" and we're going to find out if we're kind.  I know when Super Storm Sandy hit the Jersey Shore..acts of kindness were everywhere.  But on a daily basis or weekly basis do you do random acts of kindness?
Is It Time For A Kindness Revolution?
As I was grabbing my lunch from the office refrigerator, a coworker was sitting in the kitchen by herself watching an all-news channel on TV, and she said something that I think is brilliant - she said that we need "a kindness revolution".
This Young Man’s Good Deed Will Warm Your Heart [Video]
If we saw someone drop money in public, most of us would give it back, right? Recently, a customer at a Midwest Dairy Queen saw a fellow customer drop a $20 bill. The man dropping the bill didn't realize it because he was blind. Instead of giving it back, though, the woman pocketed it. What a D…

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