Pay it Forward

The Power of Friendships in Ocean County
My one friend has just moved here from Pittsburgh and she only knows a couple of people. I know how scary it can be to move to a new place so I'm doing what I can to help. When I first moved to a new place, a girlfriend hosted a tea party at her place so I could meet some of her friends. The…
NFLers meet Jackson’s best in Saturday hoops fundraiser
They're some of the NFL's roughest and toughest. But are they any match on the hardwood against teachers, students, parents, police and youth sports volunteers at Jackson Liberty High School this Saturday? Either way, everyone wins in a basketball fundraiser for township families in crisis…
Ocean County College Helps Students “Pay it Forward”
Succeeding in college takes perseverance and determination, however it can be difficult to do well academically when you’re hungry. Ocean County College is noticing more students than ever are having a hard time affording to buy themselves dinner or lunch.