Sometimes it feels like it's getting harder and harder to have positive customer service experiences. Especially with huge companies. But I have to give one of the biggest credit for going above and beyond.

I recently had a problem with renting a movie through my Apple iTunes account. In the end, trying to solve the problem by myself, I ended up having to pay for the movie twice.

I figured I would be stuck with the double purchase, but hey, it couldn't hurt to at least try to get a refund, right? So I went to Apple's support site to try to find answers.

As with most large companies, I had to click around a bit to find out how to email them directly, and there were a number of form questions to go over.

I explained my issue and figured that, after hitting "send", that would be the end of it and I'd never hear another thing about it.

Imagine my surprise when not only did I have a response waiting when I woke up the next morning, but it was a response signed by an actual human being.

To be honest, the cynical part of me figured that it was just an automated response that a random human name was attached to, but it was actually written as if a person took the time to write it:

I understand that you are unable to download your rented movie on your iPhone as there isn't enough space available on it. I understand why you'd be concerned when you are not able to enjoy something that you have paid for. Don't worry, I will be working to help you through this.

The email went on to say that they would be refunding the rental that I was unable to download. I responded to thank them for their fast resolution to my concern, and figured that would be that.

Imagine my surprise when I got yet another response the next day:

Hello Justin,

You're very welcome. I'm glad to hear that your issue has been resolved. It is always nice to hear a Thank you from a valued customer. Glad to be of help.

Nothing makes Apple happier than to hear that we have pleased our customers. I hope that you continue to enjoy the iTunes Store.

I will close the request now but please note that the support is just an email away. So if you need any assistance, please do contact us.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you. Have a great day!


 - iTunes Store Customer Support

Ok, I'm officially impressed.

In my opinion, it shouldn't matter how big a company gets, how much they're worth, or how many customers they have, each customer should be valued. And, even though they're literally one of the biggest companies in the world, for a few minutes, Apple made me feel like I matter to them.

So my thanks to "Bernadette" at iTunes Customer Support, it's because of people like you that companies keep loyal customers!