Is Your Inbox Overflowing With E-Mail?
Do you look at emails throughout the day, whenever a new message arrives? Or, do you only check for messages a few times a day? Do you delete messages after you've read them or keep them (like I do) because you may want to refer back to them? What's YOUR best tip for keeping e-mail from …
Wow, Has Wedding Planning Changed!
It's been a long time since I attended a wedding.  What an educating I'm getting now that I'm preparing to see my cousin's daughter get married.  Case in point:  this morning, while using my laptop, I visited the couple's wedding website which has all kinds of…
Have You Tried Any Grocery Delivery Services In Ocean County?
It's interesting to me to think of having your groceries delivered as something cutting edge and state of the art. Of course in the past, having a clerk from the local grocery store deliver your goods for the week wasn't out of the ordinary at all.
But now with online ordering and mega-reta…
NJ’s Last Video Rental Store To Close In Brick
Think about it - when was the last time that you went to a video store to rent a movie?
Something that millions of Americans used to do every week has been supplanted by vending machines and digital downloads. As a result, New Jersey's final holdout will be closing its doors in the coming days.

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