Court proceedings are not always as simple as Television makes them appear. That is why the Ocean County Court System is offering free monthly seminars to educate the public on what to expect at various types of hearings.

Ocean County Courthouse (photo courtesy of Ocean County Website)

The hearings range on everything from divorce and child custody and support, to expungement.  "Well, the expungement process provides individuals with an opportunity to have their criminal record cleared, " said Ombudsman Anne Marie Fleury for The Ocean Vicinage."

Fleury explained, "There are situations where certain types of matters cannot be expunged." Individuals who attend the seminar will learn in detail whether they are eligible and how the entire process works. "By going through the expungement process certain types of matters, obviously the ones that can be expunged, would not show up on a basic record check, " Fleury said. Police records can show up during background checks and prevent an individual from getting certain types of employment.

The free seminar on expungement is being held Friday, March 21, 10am to 12:30pm, in the Jury Assembly Room at 100 Hooper Avenue, Toms River.

To reserve a spot, call the Legal Research and Information Center at 732-929-2063 or send an email to