One of the last things that people thought of when Hurricane Sandy came through and devastated Ocean County was, "how are we going to put on a prom next year?". But after the waters receded, the damage was assessed, and reality sunk in, students at Toms River High School North were left wondering that very question.

Seniors Janis Tumaliuan and Carlyn Wojciechowski came across the Dream Prom contest from style website "Rent the Runway", who's goal is to give, "one deserving high school affected by Hurricane Sandy the prom of their dreams".

The grand prize package includes all the bells and whistles for the winning prom - from a "surprise celebrity musical performance", to professional stylists, and dress and tuxedo rentals for all of the Class of 2013 students attending the prom.

That last bit is what impressed me the most, Janis and Carlyn aren't doing this for themselves, but for their whole class. It's one of those truly special things where if they win, everyone wins.

Take a look at their video entry:


It's a truly moving view of Sandy's impact on our teenagers, and how they're keeping their spirits up in light of all the destruction.

So let's help these deserving kids win a prom that they'll remember for the rest of their lives! Click here to vote for Toms River North, spread the word, and let's get them the prom of their dreams!