Saying Yes To The Prom Dress (Without Breaking The Bank)
Where's a good place to get a reasonably priced new prom dress?
What thrift or consignment stores in Ocean County do you recommend?
Have you checked out a rental site like
Do you have a limit as to how much you'll give your child for prom? And how will you handle if…
Powerful “Make it a Memory, Not a Mistake” Prom PSA
Prom season is approaching quickly and it seems like a year doesn't go by when we don't hear stories of a great night turned tragic, often due to the presence of alcohol.  This year, 92.7 WOBM is teaming up with Prevention First to promote "Make It A Memory, Not A Mistak…
Giving New Life To Old Prom Dresses
Kudos to the Ocean County Library system for collecting prom dresses and donating them to local students.  Thanks also to those of you who participated, donating hundreds of dresses!
This is a great example of recycling, to allow something to be used again...
Ocean County Prom Memories
If your online feed is anything like mine, you're seeing lots of photos of prom dresses and comments about plans for prom night and afterwards.  The event is an exciting rite of passage for many teens.
It seems times have changed, though, and going to prom is not on every student's wis…

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