Shawn’s Quest to Catch Mrs Raccoon! Day One
So Day One: I set the trap up complete with some tasty treats, including peanut butter and cat food and left the lights off so not to scare Mrs Raccoon, although I think she's past lights at this point .... no sounds from the cage and I left for work at 3:45 am .... however my Wife sent me a pi…
OCVTS Techfest 8 Concert This Saturday in Brick
This Saturday in Brick it's Techfest 8 with OCVTS. Techfest is an annual concert staged and presented by the students at Ocean County Vocational Technical School. Nearly 9 hours of music and 20 acts performing.
Saturday, April 14th at Brick Presbyterian Church ... 1...
Why I Got Reprimanded At A Weekend Concert
The woman next to me at the concert said my phone's camera was distracting her so I put it away. The plus side of not holding my phone was I really was present. I experienced the beautiful music instead of thinking about camera angles, lighting, or how I might caption the pic on Facebook.

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