I don't know what I would do without my TiVo DVR. Seriously. I've talked before about how it's amazing when we think about today's technology, and how quickly we've gotten to depend on it, and I think that the DVR needs to be included in that.

I first got a TiVo about 10 years ago, before you could get a cable box with a built-in DVR, and I haven't looked back since. I mean how great is it to know that you're not going to miss your favorite show (short of a power failure)?

Since then, I actually got another TiVo a few years ago when they came out with HD capable units...which also happens to have two tuners as well. So between my two TiVo boxes (my original one is still kicking, longer than most electronics these days! I'm knocking on wood as I type that), I can record three shows at the same time while I watch a fourth.

Overkill? Eh, maybe.

I found myself earlier this week thinking how it's funny to think of "appointment TV". With the rise of DVRs, it doesn't really happen anymore. There's not that often that you make a point to be home to see a show these days. Maybe a big live event like the Super Bowl, etc, but that's about it.

So today's question is, has DVR technology changed how you watch TV? Vote on our poll below and feel free to tell us more in the comments section!