As I was getting ready for work this morning, listening to music wirelessly through my iPhone to my stereo system and fiddling with my fantasy baseball team online I wondered, how did we take this stuff for granted so quickly?

I grew up in an interesting time, on the cusp of the current technological revolution. In high school, I remember gathering around a big, boxy computer to dial in to a BBS where we could actually chat with other people we didn't know "in real life" (of course you had to leave a message and wait, sometimes days, for that person to dial in and respond). When I was in college I knew one person with a cell phone, and it was only because he worked for Radio Shack.

I say it was interesting because I really grew up as technology was evolving, I'm kind of that middle generation. People 10 years older than me didn't grow up with technology to help with school work, chit chat with friends, and be in touch anywhere in the world, while people 10 years younger than me have never known a world without the internet, cell phones, and instant gratification. It all evolved as I grew up and moved through school.

The funny thing is, when our internet goes down here at the office, we feel practically paralyzed. But radio's been around for an awfully long time, a heck of a lot of DJs have done their jobs without the internet before. So it's ironic when we think about how much we've unconsciously learned to depend on technology just to do our jobs.

So here's today's question; what technology that wasn't widespread 10 years ago, could you not imagine living without today? Let us know in the comments section below and let's see what everyone has to say!