Should Fireworks Be Legal In NJ? [Poll]
I've lived in a number of different states throughout my life, and New Jersey stands apart from all of them for one thing (no, I'm not talking about pumping your own gas) - you can't possess or set off fireworks in The Garden State.
An Example Of What Not To Do When It Snows [Photo]
This is a topic that I've visited before (in fact, I briefly touched on it just yesterday), but it still blows my mind how people just don't get it. Snow is inconvenient. Nobody likes when you have to go out in the snow. Yet, it seems like people still try to find a way to get on the road …
An Important Video Message – Watch With Your Family
Most of us see this every day - you're behind a car on the Parkway, 70, 37, or another busy local highway, and the vehicle starts to drift a little over the line. The driver obviously suddenly notices as the car swerves back into the lane. You go to pass the car and you see the driver glancing down …

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