There are many signs of spring around Ocean County as we head into Easter weekend - longer days, "spring peepers", and, unfortunately, allergies.

I love spring, I really do. I love sleeping with a bedroom window open. I love seeing a little bit of sunlight left as I'm heading home from work. And I love the smells and sounds of the season.

But I do not like the allergies.

That itch in the back of your throat, the sniffling and sneezing - of all the positives of spring, the allergies are one of the big negatives.

Possibly the only negative now that I think about it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a really nice day, but according to The Weather Channel, tree pollen is going to be pretty heavy this weekend.

So as you head out with the family to enjoy some outdoor time this weekend, make sure to bring along the allergy medication and the tissues!