It's Christmas time and maybe you are a fan of a nice cocktail at this time of year. A recent article by Taste of Home listed the best Christmas cocktails and which states love which drinks.


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Here are the top cocktails for Christmas in America, according to Taste of Home:

1. Christmas punch

2. Eggnog

3. Cranberry mimosa

4. Hot buttered rum

5. Irish coffee

Others that made the list


Whiskey sour

Christmas margarita


Cocktail JP Holecka


According to Taste of Home, "People have go-to Christmas drinks in December, and a recent analysis of Google search data found the most popular holiday cocktail in each state. The data, published by Upgraded Points, shows that many states seem to have a personal favorite."



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Here in the Garden State, our selection of favorite Christmas cocktails was a take on a classic. "The cranberry orange whiskey sour is a festive take on the classic cocktail, made with cranberry juice, orange juice, whiskey, simple syrup and an egg white. Residents of New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina love this drink."


Cocktails Ambitious Studio* - Rick Barrett


Here is a classic "whisky Sour" recipe from "bon appetit". "The key to an excellent whiskey sour? Getting the balance just right. This whiskey sour recipe has all the right proportions of bright, bracing lemon juice; warming, floral bourbon; and sweet simple syrup to deliver a refreshing cocktail that’s neither too cloying nor too biting."

CLICK HERE for the complete whiskey sour recipe and of course, if you want a virgin version, just order a lemonade and garnish it with a few fruit wedges and a cool short glass :)


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