The Wildwood Honky Tonk Saloon

If you are looking to visit Nashville but you just can't get away to Tennessee then this may be the answer. It may not be authentic Nashville, but it's close and it's got all the things you want from a Nashville saloon. I could be wrong but the two main ingredients for a classic saloon are country music and drinks, right? Throw in some cute cowgirls and some cowboy boots and hats and you are all set, the only problem is there are not that many places in the Garden State that fit this style. A brand new "Honky Tonk" has opened in Cape May County and it looks to be a big hit this summer.


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The brand new Wildwood Honky Tonk Saloon has just opened and the initial kick-off was a huge success. Now part of that might of been that former President Donald Trump brought nearly 100,000 people to Wildwood last Saturday, but despite what was going on, the Honky Tonk Saloon has a great soft opening. According to a article, "The Wildwood Honky Tonk Saloon took over a space last occupied by an arcade at the Boardwalk Mall, a multi-use building featuring restaurants and shops with access to East Garfield Avenue." The Honky Tonk Saloon is located at 3800 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ, United States, New Jersey.



According to their social media, "While Wildwood’s Honky Tonk offers something for all ages, it will become a 21+ venue on Fridays and Saturdays after 8 PM. Guests aged 21 to 25 will need to provide a second form of identification."


Wildwood Honky Tonk Saloon Via Instagram  


So grab your cowboy boots and hat and head down this summer to the Wildwood Honky Tonk Saloon for the best country music and dancing and have a great "Honky Tonk" night!  


Wildwood Nashville Honky Tonk Via Instagram


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