Over the past month or so, I have been getting ads for something called the "Oz Escape Experience" hosted by Questo.

The ads have very obviously AI-generated images of people dressed as Dorothy, The Lion, The Tin Man, and The Scarecrow.

Immediately, I thought of the Glasgow Scandal that was the Willy Wonka experience.

I love reading comments on Facebook, especially when people are displeased, so I went to see if anyone commented on the ad complaining about the experience.

All of the comments were about how excited people are to go to the experience.

So, I thought that maybe they were blocking comments.

Now the Googling begins.

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The experience is coming to Elizabeth, Jersey City, Long Branch, Trenton, Vineland, Paterson, and New Brunswick this May, June, and August.

An odd collection of towns, isn't it?

From the photos I have seen in the ads, I assumed it was a physical escape room type thing with Wizard of Oz-themed decor.

This is not what the Oz Escape Experience is.

What is the Oz Escape Experience?

When you click on one of their events, a description of the event, AI-generated photos, details on date, time, and location, and reviews live on the page.

According to their description, the events are outdoor escape experiences that are held on the streets of the city in which they take place.

The site says, "You will use your phone to follow hidden clues, solve witty puzzles and complete fun challenges as you walk around the city."

This is when I looked up at the URL, which reads QuestoApp.com...APP.

This experience feels like the next generation of Pokémon Go.

There are costume contests participants can well...participate in.

Is Oz Escape Experience a Scam?

This is a slightly tricky question, no, but kind of.

The ads that they are running on Facebook, seem a little misleading. The photos make it appear like it's a more physical event, rather than a virtual one.

However, once you go to the event page, the company does lay out exactly what the event is.

There are no false promises on their site.

One woman Vlogged her experience with the Oz Escape Experience.

She seemed to have fun and there are a few comments below the video of others saying they too had a blast.

As long as you go to the event knowing it's all virtual, you too may have fun.

You can check it out here.

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