Drone Footage From Above Little Egg Harbor

We often take for granted what things actually look like from above. To see our beautiful waterfront areas from an aerial perspective. I had the chance to get some beautiful drone footage from my daughter's boyfriend who is very good with the drone and the video he takes. These short video pieces were taken despite some windy conditions. In fact, the wind cut his filming due to the risk of harm to the drone. He did however capture some beautiful moments in the air over Little Egg Harbor. These videos we over a section of the bay known as Seven Bridges Road.




Here is more drone footage from above Seven Bridges Road in Little Egg Harbor Topwnship in Ocean County, New Jersey.




It's a beautiful landscape to see from above. The colors of the water, the marshes, and the sky all make for a really cool tour of the bay area in Southern Ocean County. You can see Tuckerton in one direction, Long Beach Island, and Atlantic City. Because of wind conditions, the drone couldn't tour as much as they wanted it to and had to watch the height as well. It's amazing how defined the channels are when you see them above and how they wind through the area,


I'm going to see if they get any more footage and will share it with you so you can see some of the sights from high above offshore.



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