Bear Is Spotted in New Jersey

It was an active day on Monday in the Oranges, New Jersey as a bear (the bear in photo is not the bear sighted) was spotted in Essex County. According to local police, "The bear was spotted in South Orange in the area of Thorndon Street and Walton Avenue." According to Patch, "South Orange-Maplewood school district administrators canceled all outdoor activities – including open lunch at Columbia High School in Maplewood – and outdoor recess at all other schools." 


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In addition, Authorities in West Orange reported a bear sighting after 9 am in the location of Lawrence Street. Officials are aware of the bear's presence and are keeping an eye out for the bear. According to the Patch, "Residents can report sightings of the bear’s current whereabouts to the South Orange Police Department at 973-763-3000."




Patch also reported "Essex County has seen its share of bear sightings in the past. In recent years, bear sightings have been reported in Montclair, Verona, Livingston, West Orange, Bloomfield, Irvington, Maplewood, Roseland and Millburn, among other places."


Have you ever encountered a bear? If you have tell us your story and what happened. My Grandfather encountered a bear in Yellowstone National Park circa 1925 and the bear got into their supplies and they had to escape into their Model T lol not a lot of security in that car lol might have been better off slowly walking away. Unfortunately, there were photos from their trip but they have been misplaced over time.





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