It's that time of year again. You can feel the temps going up and the sun staying out longer so let's get some ice cream! Nothing says spring and summer like a delicious ice cream cone or a fantastic sundae. For me, number one on my ice cream list is a simple one, vanilla! My favorite ice cream is simply vanilla. So let's talk about the best ice cream shops in America including right here in New Jersey.


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According to Taste of Home, they selected their choice for "best local ice cream shop" in each state. Their choice for New Jersey is in Hudson County in Jersey City. Have you ever visited Milk Sugar Love? "A pastry chef walks into an ice cream shop... and you get some of the country's most coveted ice cream sandwiches. A Milk Sugar Love must-try is the Mac Daddy Sandwich which consists of Fruity Pebble ice cream sandwiched between two French macaroons and rolled in Fruity Pebble cereal. This candy craze ice cream sandwich is almost as wild!"

Jersey City NJ
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So it looks like a trip to Jersey City is in order and a few ice cream sandwiches need to be investigated lol. Obviously with "vanilla" being my favorite, an ice cream sandwich is perfect for me. It appears that their ice cream sandwiches are famous and delicious.


Where do you go for your favorite ice cream in your neighborhood? Have you been to Milk Sugar Love in Jersey City? Give us your feedback and post your questions below, Now go get some ice cream lol.


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