Well wasn't this interesting news to discover on a Monday.

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We all know that those of us who live in the Northeast are not amongst the country's favorites but....HATED?

It's a hard pill to swallow.

When you take a look at the USA's top 10 most hated states, yes...New Jersey is in it and it makes you wonder...."Why?!"

Well, I can think of a few reasons:

Reasons Why The World Probably Hates New Jersey

They hate us cause they aint us.

You know what's insulting....New York isn't even in the top 10!!!

Pretty rude especially since a lot of those reasons just listed above pertain to them too. Ya know...the filth, the attitude, the cost, the crowds...

And yet...they were ranked as the 11th most hated state in America.

As for New Jersey?

Well there are a few things that come into play here.

#1. The percentage of people who have recently left the state

#2. The percentage of residents with "State Pride" of where they live

#3. A guy with a lot of followers straight up asked the world and they answered.

For New Jersey....our population has allegedly changed by -0.3%. I thought that number would have been higher because a lot of people end up leaving the state because of the high cost....especially when its time to retire.

The percentage of people with New Jersey Pride is...28%?

Did I miss something? You hate where you live?

What did we do? This is where you come to hustle; to work hard hard and play hard.

Well it is about to get worse. The states who hate us the most are New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut...ALL OF OUR NEIGHBORS!?

The population of people who hate New Jersey is....35,820,837!

This makes our hatred index 818.

So....if you couldn't tell where I was going with this.... yes, New Jersey is the #1 most hated state in the entire country.


You hate us so much? Then don't come here.


Take a look at BestLifeOnline.com and then maybe demand they do a recount.

And just to prove a point, here is some info that prove New Jersey isn't all bad.

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