It's National Beard Month.  It's the month where guys can go scruffy.  It's called, in some states, a no shave November.

Did you know that the study of beards is called Pogonology?

When you hear beard who do you think of?

These come to my mind:

Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Rip Van Winkle, ZZ Top (2 of them at least), and now of course the guys from that very popular Reality TV Show "Duck Dynasty".  The one and only Santa Claus jumps into my mind right away when I think of beard.

I'm a huge fan of the scruff...not really the full beard.  I always think there's food stuck in there, I know, gross, but this is what I think of.

Yes to the beard or No to the beard?  Who's the first person you think of when you hear beard?