This weekend I was in Wildwood and I love the tramcar.

It got me thinking, Seaside Heights boardwalk would be perfect for a tram car. I realize the Wildwood boardwalk is a lot wider, but they could make a condensed version of one.

They could have the same length, and the whole tram could be a little thinner. Maybe a little shorter. It could bring money into Seaside and it would give people options if they were to park at one side of the boardwalk or the other end.

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If you've never been to Wildwood, they have a tramcar that goes from one end of the boardwalk to the other and you constantly hear "Watch the tram-car, please" I know it's a little annoying to hear, but everyone knows when they hear it.

Seaside could be a little different, we wouldn't want to steal it all from Wildwood, but it could be really cool. Seaside Heights already has something no other beach has, an amazing sky ride. A sky ride right over the beach, it's incredible.

The tram car could make it even more special. The tram car brings in a lot of money for Wildwood tourism. The tramcar has its own t-shirts, gifts, and all kinds of things from stickers to magnets. They even have their own app.

Come on Seaside, wouldn't you love to hear, "Watch the SEASIDE HEIGHTS tramcar, please." That would be fantastic, in my opinion.

Tourists might come just to take a ride along the boardwalk and stop by a local restaurant for their favorite pizza or fries. I think it would be perfect in Seaside.

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