Swampbutt Underwear

Have you ever sat on a pumpkin? Ever worn pumpkin? Ever had pumpkin clothes? Stay with me here...

We have seen more and more items with a "pumpkin spice" theme, but now I think I've seen the wildest: Pumpkin spice underpants! Yes, thanks to Swampbutt Underwear guys can now enjoy "pumpkin spice" on their tush.

Now, I have looked over the product and I must admit I'd try them. Even though the idea seems wild, it's not a bad color and the underpants are designed for comfort and hygiene. So I guess you can call me "pumpkin butt".


Guys, do you think this is something you'd wear? Ladies, is this something you'd want him to wear? Or will you leave your "pumpkin spice" in your coffee cup?

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