Ocean County is not the fastest-growing county in New Jersey, but is number two! The state's fastest-growing county, according to the 2020 census, is Hudson County...but Ocean County is number two.

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According to a Patch article, Jersey City in Hudson County is the fastest growing city in New Jersey. Probably adding to Hudson County's overall growth.

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Right behind Hudson County is Ocean County. Hudson has a population of 724,854 and saw an increase of +14.3%. Ocean County has a population of 637,229 and had an increase of +10.5% (northjersey.com)

According to a Patch article, the fastest-growing town in Ocean County is Lakewood. According to census data, Lakewood is the fastest growing town in Ocean County (+42,315). Lakewood's increase at over 42,000 places it second in the entire state in growth. Lakewoods growth is what has pushed Ocean County into the number two spot of counties in the Graden State.

The top five towns, in growth, here in New Jersey are

  1. Jersey City (+44,852)
  2. Lakewood (+42,315)
  3. Newark (+34,409)
  4. Princeton (+18,374)
  5. Paterson City (+13,533)

So is it a surprise that Lakewood has the fastest growth rate in Ocean County? Lakewood has the largest population in Ocean County.

Do YOU feel Ocean County is getting more crowded? and do YOU think Lakewood is close to hitting it's limits with population?

Share YOUR thoughts and let us know what you think about the growth both in Lakewood and Ocean County....


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