History is a hobby now for me and the more I can find out about our own local Jersey Shore history, the better. We may not have the oldest history here at the Shore, but we are definitely not the youngest.

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This particular piece of history is based here in Ocean County. The oldest home on record sits at the beautiful Tuckerton Seaport. It is known as the Andrews-Bartlett Homestead. This home is approximately 322 years old, and wow, that’s a nice piece of “age” and history.

So let’s delve into the background with this home. The Andrews-Bartlett Homestead was originally built in 1699. According to my findings on Wikipedia, Mordecae Andrews constructed the original section of the home which was a small two-room home. Then 197 years ago, in 1824, Nathan Bartlett bought the home and added on to the original dwelling. Bartlett built an entire addition around the original two-room structure. The new home completely surrounded the 1699 construction. But the original construction is the oldest here on record, still standing, in Ocean County.

Take a step back in history here at the Jersey Shore, check out photos of the Andrews-Bartlett Homestead below, and if you want to see it in person take a trip to the beautiful and historic Tuckerton Seaport in Southern Ocean County. CLICK HERE  for more details on the Tuckerton Seaport.

Oldest Home in Ocean County

The Andrews-Bartlett Homestead in Tuckerton, New Jersey


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