So for year's I have passed this house on Route 9 in Barnegat. I am assuming it's a home, although it could be an office or storage unit? I have no idea. I Googled the building, but came up with nothing.

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Now to me, the building looks like a paper airplane ✈️ or maybe a hang glider. It looks like wings and something that could fly. Do you see it? Or is it just me?

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

Can you picture this “plane” or “house” flying through the sky in your neighborhood? So this week I finally stopped by and grabbed a few pictures to share with you. Do you know what the history of this building is? I’d love to hear what the answer is. Too bad I didn't see inside, I would be curious to see if the rooms and ceilings have the same unique construction as the exterior.

It's definitely one of the most unique-looking buildings in Ocean County. I am still amazed that I could not find anything online when it comes to this property, I tried a bunch of searches with various phrases and included “Barnegat” but came up with nothing, except the “chair house” which we will discuss at a future date.

If YOU have the info, post your comments below 👇 and we thank you :) By the way, did you get a laugh from my photo I created with the house flying ✈️  over Ocean County? 😆

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