You'll melt from cuteness looking at two puma cubs that just moved into the Philadelphia Zoo in Pennsylvania.

The story of these baby animals could have had a much sadder outcome but for the fact that they were rescued in time.

The puma cubs, one male, one female, reportedly lost their mother and were left orphaned in the wild out in Washington state. On their own, they likely would not have survived.

But now they'll get to grow up and live out their lives together at the Philadelphia Zoo, something zoo lovers will get to see when the time is right.

The brother is named Elbroch, the sister is called Olympia, and they're positively to die for adorable.

Right now, the zoo says the cubs are getting acclimated to their new environment and getting to know their keepers. Eventually, they'll make their debut to visitors.

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In the meantime, you can watch their progress on the Philadelphia Zoo's socials.

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