Is Pet Cloning a Good Idea for Ocean County?
Assuming Barbra Streisand's decision to clone her beloved dog came from that deep love that we all have for our pets, I can sort of understand her motivation. But if I had to chose one side or the other, I'd rather adopt a dog rather than clone. What are your reasons for and against clon…
Ever Been Stuck In An Elevator?
Something happened to me over the weekend that's never happened before.  I got stuck in an elevator.  I was in Gettysburg, PA attending a Rotary District Conference.  After having a nice chat with some folks, they got off at their floor...
Jackson police save two lives in one day
For many of us, rescuing two people from death's door in a single day would be the most memorable day of our lives. For police, it's part of the territory and it's the reward of intense training, as four officers could have attested on February 17.

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