The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation’s vision is to make Toms River the regional template for quality of life and strong economic health through social investment in health care, education and the arts.


So now that I have your attention ..... Could you use $ 10,000 ? Dumb question right. Well someone is going to WIN , but only if your a part of #engagetomsriver !

The concept is quite simple. Toms River is a great place to live and all you have to do is show us how you feel about your Hometown. Think about it .... shoot a 3-10 minute video using your creativity to show the world why "You" love your "Hometown" ..... and You could possibly WIN ! Remember no "positive" video idea is a bad idea ..... and who knows what will catch the judges eye, and if you do .... maybe you'll win ! So start now.

Get together with your Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Classmates, etc and enter. Be creative, inspirational and have fun! Be a part of history ....

There's many chances to win .....

  • $10,000
  • $1,000 Scholarship To Ocean County College
  • $500 Go-Pro Voucher

If you belong to an organization and you need a fundraiser ... this could be it! WIN and your group gets $10,000 ....there's your fundraiser ......

Get Involved Now and #engagetomsriver