Apple has finally released pre-sales figures, previously all we knew was that they sold out their pre-sale stock within an hour. But for all we knew, they only had 100 to sell. But I can take off my cyniccal hat, they say that they pre-sold 2 million units in the first 24 hours (although that still doesn't tell us what the original physical stock was that sold out in that first hour).

Last week I admitted to being one of those who pre-ordered an iPhone (I was in an hour and a half after they went on sale - I have to wait till early October). I could go to an AT&T store or an Apple Store and try my luck, but I figure this is a good exercise in self control.

But after the iPhone 5's unveiling a week and a half ago, many non-Apple fans simply yawned and said, "hey, we already have those features, big deal!", even with some snarky commercials hitting our TVs.

But here's my argument, at least from my personal point of view - for me, it's all about the user experience.

I've used Android phones of friends before and, frankly, I just don't like the interface. And, with Android being an "open source" platform (i.e. available for many different phone manufacturers to use), all Android devices are not equal. Your Samsung Android could be completely different from your co-worker's Motorola Android device.

So, in other words, your user experience from one Android to another could be completely different. And that is precisely why I like the iPhone. I've had an iPhone for almost 4 years. I know where everything is. I know what this button does, what that app does, what this setting changes, and how to change my ringtone if I get sick of hearing the "Futurama" theme every time someone calls me.

Honestly, I just don't feel like having to completely re-learn how to use my phone by changing operating systems.

I think that Apple has created a simple, elegant, and appealing interface. Ok, so your phone may have a bigger screen (big deal, I'm not watching movies on my phone), and you may be able to use Near Field Communication technology (tell me one single instance where you've seen something that you can actually use NFC with to make your life more productive), but gosh darn it, I just like my phone.

So that's why I'm an iPhone person. Disagree? You're allowed. Agree? Tell us about that too. Feel free to comment below!