Love them, or hate them, one thing can't be denied - Apple has epic legions of fans. You've seen the lines outside of Apple Stores when products first come out. Maybe you've experienced the website crashes when trying to secure a gadget of your own, but today they hit an epic level of fandom.

They sold out their stock of the new iPhone 5 in an hour.

Here's a little comparison for you - the last major redesign and hardware update, the iPhone 4, sold out their pre-orders in 20 hours, and the "mid-cycle" update 4S sold out their pre-orders in 22 hours.

I was planning to pre-order an iPhone 5.

I wasn't going to go nuts and set an alarm to wake up at 3am when they officially went on sale (Midnight, Pacific Time), but I figured I'd try my luck when I woke up and if I had to wait, I'd wait.

Frankly, I got lucky with both my iPhone 3G (which I was one of those line-waiting idiots for. And I got literally the last one at my local AT&T store on launch day) I got lucky with my iPhone 4 too, eventually breaking through Apple and AT&T's well documented website problems just in time to get in on the first batch of pre-orders.

So I figured I shouldn't get greedy this time. If I got one, I got one. If not, I could wait a few extra days.

And then I had to go to the bathroom (isn't that the way that most great stories start?).

It was 4:30am. I figured what the heck, I'm up, I'll go online and see what's up.

Imagine my surprise when only an hour and a half after the on-sale time, they were already posting "Available to ship: 2 Weeks". The Apple fans were obviously awake early. Really early.

In the end, I can't be upset - I got my order in, I didn't have any ordering hiccups or issues, and I don't have to wake up ridiculously early to stand in line. Will I be watching the shipping status every day between now and delivery time? Probably. But still, at least I can just sit back and watch the coverage, Facebook debates, and frustrated fanboys and girls from the comfort of my keyboard. (I'm knocking on wood as I type this, by the way. With my luck, after saying all of that they'll probably have "manufacturing issues" like last time!).

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