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So over the last few weeks we had visits with some new friends from the North Pole. Just in time for Christmas we had the chance to check in with Santa and his helpers. Of course we all know Santa, but we had the chance to meet a few new friends that help the big guy each year.

Sonny the Elf is the chipper and always enthusiastic elf who is always up for the challenge. Sonny was quick to help us and he wanted to get Sue off the naughty list. Sonny was always there for a pep talk and to get Sue to ”be a good girl”.

Bumbles the Agitated Elf was the opposite of Sonny he was always just a bit agitated and well grumpy. Bumbles was also always hungry and craving a McRib as we learned. Bumbles was blunter than Sonny and usually called it as he see’s it.

BoBo the North ”Polar” Bear was another helper who we recently met. BoBo is a gentle polar bear who tries to help, but in reality is more of a comedian. BoBo always trying his trademark joke on Sue Moll...... ”I’m BoBo the North Pole-ar Bear, get it?” See he is a polar bear at the North Pole (rimshot) but a nice enough bear, by the way don’t play with polar bears at home, very dangerous lol

So as you can see we had a lot of fun this holiday season with Santa, Sonny, Bumbles and BoBo and we hope you did too.

Check out some of our adventures with the gang on Instagram and Facebook ”Shawn & Sue Snippet”

Who was your favorite?


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