When you live in Ocean County, traffic is a common topic. We have our annoying traffic patterns, our bad intersections, and just plain irritating roads. But we also have plenty of roads where the traffic lights are the cause of consternation.

Every day on my commute to work, I make the left from Main Street in Toms River onto Washington Street. It's the main artery to downtown Toms River, and lots of people make that left hand turn every day. Especially during busy times though, you'd better hope that you're the first or second car in line or you won't make the arrow.

I've never actually timed the left turn arrow at this intersection, but it can't stay green for more than about ten seconds. Just enough time for two cars, maybe three if you're lucky, to get through.

Route 70 through Brick, Lakewood, and Toms River is another example of light timing that can drive you crazy. Some days you can get lucky and get through the area pretty quickly, getting mostly green lights. But other times, if you hit one red light it seems like every single light after that is timed just to make you stop every couple of feet.

And there are plenty of other examples of lights that are badly timed, poorly positioned, and just plain unnecessary throughout our area.

So we want to know which ones drive you crazy! Comment below and feel free to vent.


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